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New events

Main activity of the foundation is to present a yearly award: the Machiavelli award. This award is granted to a person or organization who has excelled in public communication.

In addition to this yearly highlight, the Machiavelli foundation organizes several activities throughout the year. A popular tradition are the recurring campaign leaders debates on the morning after the elections. As the results are in for just a few hours, the campaign leaders of the main political parties evaluate their strategies. Despite the early hour, these early morning debates always attract a lot of attention and attendees focusing on crucial masterstrokes and failures in the election debate. The Machiavelli foundation also organizes events focused on current affairs. Debates between chief editors are an example.

Admission to the events is free for everybody.

We can keep you informed about our activities if you let us know your e-mail address. It’s self-evident that we will solely use your information for this purpose.