The Board


The foundation was founded officially on the 4th of December in 1987. Traditionally, the boardmembers consists of journalists, government communication officers, politicians and scientists. Together they are responsible for the organization of the (lunch) events of the foundation. The board is also responsible for the Machiavelli award. The Machiavelli award is yearly granted to the person or organization who has been the most effective in putting this principle into practice. Always in a positive way and for a positive cause.

Marja Wagenaar
Director Leadershipint. (chairperson)

Wim van der Weegen
Director of Communications at the Ministry of Defence (secretary)

Fons Lambie
Political correspondent at RTL Nederland

Wilco Boom
Political correspondent at NOS

Marjan Hammersma
Secretary-general of Media and Culture at the ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW)

Carla Joosten
Political editor at Elsevier

Peter van Keulen
Founding Partner Public Matters

Tom van der Lee
Member of Parliament GroenLinks 

Stephan Schrover
Director-general at the Government Information Service (RVD)

Remco Meijer
Political editor at the newspaper De Volkskrant

Roos Vermeij
Alderman Rotterdam PvdA

Friso Fennema
Director of Communications at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Mark van der Roer
Director of Communications at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

Thom van Campen
Member of Parliament VVD

Anne Kuik
Membe of Parliament CDA