Campaign leaders debate on referendum association treaty Ukraine

On 6 April, a majority of more than 60 percent voted against the association treaty with Ukraine. The turn-out was just above the threshold of 30 percent and thus the referendum was valid. The Machiavelli Foundation looked back with the campaign leaders of both the yes camp and the no-camp.
The debate was attended by Thierry Baudet (Forum for Democracy), Michiel van Hulten (Vote for the Netherlands), Hans Janssens (CDA), Hans van Heijningen (SP), Kees Verhoeven (D66), Olaf Stuger (PVV) and Han ten Broeke (VVD). Under supervision of Wilco Boom (parliamentary reporter of the NOS), they debated about the highlights and the low points during the campaign and on the significance of the turn-out and the outcome.