Bellingcat receives Machiavelli Award 2019

The Machiavelli Award 2019 has been granted to the investigative journalism collective Bellingcat. That has been announced today by the board of the Machiavelli Foundation. The Machiavelli Award is annually granted for a remarkable achievement in the field of public communication.

Bellingcat receives the award because of “its innovative ways of investigative journalism leading to repeated and pioneering scoops”, according to the jury report. “Bellingcat has given a new impulse to thorough investigative journalism in an era where fake news seems to appear more and more. This innovation is a great example for traditional media and aspiring journalists. While traditional media are often hesitant to share their knowledge and their approach, Bellingcat encourages just that. Bellingcat deserves praise for consciously spreading their knowledge”.

“Bellingcat’s revelations about MH17 have made a worldwide impact and in The Netherlands in particular”, so states the jury report.

Founder Eliot Higgins received the award on behalf of the entire Bellingcat team. The jury report can be found here.

Uitreiking Machiavelliprijs 2019 (12-02-2020)