‘The threatened mayor’ wins Machiavelli Award 2018

The Machiavelli award is granted annually for a remarkable achievement in the field of public communication. The Machiavelli award 2018 has been granted to ‘The threatened mayor’. “The threatened mayor is a public institution that is no longer able to communicate publicly because of the threat of violence. The Machiavelli award is therefore this year an indictment against this phenomenon that affects the roots of our democracy and is completely unacceptable”, according to the jury report

Mayor Jos Wienen of Haarlem is willing to accept the award on behalf of the group of threatened mayors from Marja Wagenaar, president of the Machiavelli Foundation. It is the 30th time that the award is granted.

The award will be presented on Wednesday 13 February by the president of the Machiavelli Foundation, Marja Wagenaar, in International Press Centre ‘Nieuwspoort’ (The Hague). It is the 30th time that the award will be granted. The award ceremony starts at 17h. Walk-in from 16.30.

If you want to attend the meeting, you can register here.