Gerrit Hiemstra receives Machiavelli Award 2021

The presentation of the Machiavelli Award to Gerrit Hiemstra, NOS weatherman and meteorologist, took place in Perscentrum Nieuwspoort.

Wilco Boom, political reporter of NPO Radio 1, introduced the foundation and the award. Harm Taselaar, the outgoing editor-in-chief of RTL News, gave the annual Machiavelli Lecture, entitled Free speech: blessing or scourge, prior to the award ceremony. The full lecture is available here (in Dutch).

Explanation of the jury’s decision

The complete jury report is available here (in Dutch).

Hiemstra receives the prize because”he makes climate change and its consequences comprehensible to a wide audience in an appealing way. With boundless energy, he brings the causes and consequences of climate change into the limelight. He explains, he clarifies and he contradicts, where necessary. All in understandable language, with science as the basis.”

“Unintentionally, Hiemstra has become the figurehead of the climate movement. In plain language, he crosses swords with climate sceptics at home and abroad. With great patience, he replies to people who respond to his messages. Quietly, but also passionately, Hiemstra continues to explain what the problem is and what the causes are. In understandable language, he remains approachable and reaches a broad audience.”


The Machiavelli Award was presented by Marja Wagenaar, chairwoman of the Machiavelli Foundation. It is the 33rd time that the award was awarded. Re-watch the award ceremony below ⬇️

[Minute 35:07]